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🥽 Compatibility All VR headsets
⚙️ Features 8K, 6K 200°, 120 FPS, connected toy compatible, VR Camgirl, Exclusive videos
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Pornography is a field that has never stopped evolving. So naturally, as soon as Virtual Reality appeared on the scene, the major players in the world of pornography all jumped at the chance. Even if VR porn is still experimental, those who have tried it will be able to assure you, it's a completely bluffing experience.

If you're in a relationship, you might be wondering whether you're cheating on your partner. Now, producing VR porn is expensive. Unless you use sites that pirate content and re-upload it in mediocre quality, you're going to have to pay the piper.

Having videos in good resolution and with a good frame rate is extremely important to fully enjoy the VR experience. And that's exactly what SexLikeReal offers. A huge catalog of videos with a bonus of exclusive porn videos SLR (SexLikeReal).

In this article, we'll review SexLikeReal's various features, how much the service costs, compatible VR headsets and list its qualities as well as its shortcomings.

SexLikeReal : Prices and offers

SexLikeReal basic packages

With its basic Premium package, SLR offers 4 different ways to subscribe to its service.

For the same price (€37.99), you can subscribe to a month's worth of SexlikeReal sites and videos, the only difference being that one of the payments will be automatically debited every month, while the other, non.

Other packages include an annual package (€239.99) and a lifetime package (€699.99).

SexLikeReal premium packages

SexLikeReal's other offer, Premium + Scripts, offers the same payment methods for a slightly higher price.

If you're wondering what "Scripts" are, we'll come back to them in more detail later in this article. like VR, but even more immersive.

Up to 56% discount

-56% on the annual subscription, i.e. €19.99/month instead of €44.99/month!

SexLikeReal : Features and Design

An important aspect that can make you choose one VR porn site over another is its design and the features it offers.

If you're worried about spending hours searching through SexLikeReal's huge catalog of videos to find content you like, don't worry. SexLikeReal offers several filters and categories to help you navigate. from its huge catalog of videos.

SexLikeReal's design is basic, and that's just fine. On the left you can access the different categories offered by the site, while the search bar is at the top left of the site.

With these tools, you can easily filter videos by niches, studios, actresses, tags, new releases, best videos, etc.

You can combine filters for greater precision. For example, if you search for an actress and then search for a particular category, the site will only show you videos with that actress and that niche.

Earlier we talked about "Scripts", a feature available only to Scripts subscribers. has a compatible interactive toy such as Handy, Keon or Pulse solo for example.

This exceptional feature lets you make the VR experience even more immersive by synchronizing the actors' backstrokes with your toy.

sexlikereal compatible porn toy

SexLikeReal : Available content

As mentioned earlier, all SLR subscriptions give you access to a catalog of nearly 25,000 videos, with 300 new videos added every month.

The "Scripts" subscription lets you benefit from over 1,000 haptic films.

As for the different categories available, you'll find everything from threesomes to MILFS and JAVs.

You'll also find famous actresses like Melody Marks, Lily Starfire, Agatha Vega and many others.

SexLikeReal : Is it a scam?

It's only natural that you should wonder about the promises made and the price, but there's no need to worry - we guarantee it, and we're not the only ones, SexLikeReal is not a scam.

These subscription packages include without obligationyou can try the site for a month before you decide whether or not you want to continue using it - no one's forcing your hand.

If you have any questions, a problem with the site or would like a refund, you can contact support, which is very responsive. What's more, SLR has a Trustcore of 100/100.

Trustscore SLR

SexLikeReal: Advantages and disadvantages

For a more comprehensive view of SexLikeReal, here's a list of pros and cons:


Excellent value for money
Compatible with connected toys
Very good support
+300 new videos every month
Huge catalog (+10k videos)
Discreet payment
No-obligation package
Compatible with all headsets, Occulus, HTC Vive, Pico, etc.
Positive user ratings


Download limit
Little free content
Fairly high price

SexLikeReal : Conclusion

SexLikeReal's quality is top-notch, although the price is a bit steep. But if you want to be sure find a reliable site offering a large number of quality videosSexLikeReal is an excellent option.

By offering several subscription formulas, some with no commitment whatsoever, so you can try out their service.

With an ever-growing catalog of over 24,000 scenes, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

At a slightly higher price, the site even offers haptic films with its "Scripts" packages, further enhancing VR immersion.

The only thing SexLikeReal sorely lacks is a little more free content, to let users know what they're getting into, despite this, SLR remains an excellent VR porn site.

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